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Our projects

Here are examples of our implemented projects that reflect the scope of our competence and the diversity of work formats.The range of topics through which we can contribute to strengthening your organisations.

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Experiential programme "Work smarter, not harder" with the TELE2 contact centre management team to explore effective work and collaboration.

During the seminar, the team had to complete a complex task of planning   and implementing a hike with various additional challenges.

This process was an active experience for the team, followed by an   analysis of how the team collaborated and how they can work and collaborate   even more effectively.

The programme helped to strengthen the bond between the team members, to   foster open communication and to build trust among them.

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A long term leadership and staff development programme designed to strengthen the general competences of staff from the Forum for Christian Social Initiatives member organisations.

In total, the programme has trained 5 groups of participants, more than 20   managers and over 50 employees. The duration of the programme is 52 hours per   each group, spread over 4 months.

It is a unique programme with a generic competence model and a series of   practical experiential reflective training for employees and managers. The   programme has led to a significant strengthening of the general competences   of employees and managers, which in turn has led to a more precise, strong,   courageous and flexible expression of professional competences.

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Supervision of the organization.

Format: four two-day meetings per year. The project has been ongoing for 6 years. During this time, a new team has been formed, a new management body of the organisation has been established, consisting of department heads. Conflicts and tensions have been resolved, and leaders have learned to communicate openly and work more effectively. Responsibilities have been divided, the strategy is constantly reviewed, and values and work principles are formulated.

All of this has accompanied the inevitable expansion of the organisation. The organisation has strengthened financially, gained more credibility in the public space, acquired land near the sea for summer camps, tripled its activities, and created new services.

 On September 1, 2023, the organization opens its private school. 

The working language is Russian.

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Team calibration sessions for the company's leadership team for the fourth consecutive year.

A three-day annual offsite seminar during which top-level executives, along with administration, discuss accumulated tensions, disagreements, and resolve conflicts that often do not get addressed in the workplace due to time constraints and typically unfavorable mood. They refresh interpersonal relationships, review their values and priorities, revisit roles and responsibilities, and make important agreements for future actions.

People return to work with a sense of relief and cooperation is much smoother.

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