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More Than One Story

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This is the slogan of a new card game released in Lithuania.

 "More than one story" - a game of non-random questions asked in random order, which helps different people "meet". According to the developers, the mission of the game is to enable individuals and organisations to contribute to the creation of a more harmonious world and a new quality of mutual understanding and coexistence.

 The authorship of the game belongs to the Department of Culture and Leisure of the Swedish Community of Simrishamn ( ). After establishing sincere and sustainable cooperation with them, the consulting company "Kitokie projektai" became the official partner of this project in Lithuania.

 The Lithuanian version is published in the four most widely used languages in our country - Lithuanian, Russian, Polish and English.

 In 2014, the game received the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations Award in the category of intercultural innovation.

 The game can be used for professional and personal purposes. It can also be a meaningful gift for a close person or business partner. Read more about the game here

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Price: 14 euros + shipping costs

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