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“Inner readiness based learning”. Book in Lithuanian language.

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We want to share the principles of our work with a wide audience of readers. In the book, you will find personal experiences, descriptions of methods, and other topics important to us. After reading this book, people share:

 Milda Autukaitė, AB "Swedbank" Head of Personnel Department:

 When today's world is full of recipes for how and what to learn, when we see many educators around us who share proven recipes for success, the latest trends, methods and educational tools, the book "Inner readiness-based learning" impresses with its authenticity and depth. Slowly, like a ball of yarn, the idea of inner readiness, its definition and directions, how each of us can contribute to strengthening inner readiness, is being unwound. Through reflection, through experience, through the creation of an educational connection in the group and the ability to use the dynamics of the group for educational purposes.

 Personally, while reading the book, a couple of thoughts stuck very strongly (they are definitely not the only ones). One is that by reflecting we make sense of our experience and this sense making is possible only through understanding our activities in the world. In the world as well as in the organizations where we work. Inner readiness manifests itself through action. Just understanding is not enough. True leadership is action. The potential within us is not potential until we are able to use it in the right way in the right place. I truly believe that a better understanding of ourselves and others helps us to create much more meaning in our own lives or in our client organizations.

 Another idea is that by assuming the role of an educator, we can try to create the conditions for learning to occur, but some part of the learning that occurred will remain a secret. And although there is always a part of the mystery in working with groups, which is extensively described in the book, there is definitely no magic in the described theory, on the contrary, the authors warmly and sensitively share their personal reflections, thoughts and experiences. While reading, I felt like I was participating in a professional discussion, where everyone's contribution seemed long matured and matured.

 Thank you for writing the book and the opportunity to be part of this discussion!

 Aurelija Jakubė, Director of the Development Department of Vilnius University:

 Observing myself, my colleagues and friends participating in the seminars of Kitokie projektai, I dare to believe that most of the initiatives of these events appear when the environment is dominated by too many attempts to perfectly rigidify the processes, but sooner or later it turns out that "the most effective theories of organizations", "the best processes management tools", "sets of internal procedures" are not a panacea. In this situation, meeting with Kitokie projektai helps to discover a different, stable, foundation under your feet, a conscious look at each situation and an awareness of its uniqueness. This provides space and freedom for pauses, listening, and cooperation in activities. Well, after enabling all this, adequate (and also effective) solutions are found.

 Where is the source of the space and freedom that appears in the seminars of Kitokie projektai I am glad that their team spoke openly and sensitively about this in their book: they put the foundations of their approach and methodology into it, refined the concepts of inner readiness, experiential reflexive education, and the value of authentic insights. I believe that this book will invite everyone who opens it to at least a short pause, reflection or discussion and will help them to act not only more effectively, but also more meaningfully.

 Saulius Jovaiša:

 If anyone cares to know at least one reason (of many) why this book is worth reading, that reason is the concept of internal readiness. Its implementation in your life. It can change a lot...

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