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Serenity Garden

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This is the first professional CD of relaxation with music released in Lithuanian language.

The CD contains two types of relaxation techniques - autogenic training according to psychotherapist J. Schultz and progressive muscle relaxation according to E. Jacobson. Relaxation is effective help for those who want to relax from stress, physical and emotional tension, restore lost balance, increase work capacity, recharge energy, fall asleep more calmly and quickly.

First released in 1998 in cassette format, it remains more than relevant today. You can get acquainted with the techniques in the virtual space here.

Music author: Rokas Radzevičius
Performed by: Dainius Jucius (keyboards), Rokas Radzevičius (acoustic guitar)
The text was voiced by: R. Bagdzevičius

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Gauti paštomatu į pasirinktą „Omniva“ arba „LP Express“ paštomatą
Gauti siuntą per „Lietuvos paštą“
Atsiimti užsakymą iš mūsų biuro, esančio Pylimo g. 31-3, Vilnius
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